Arm And Thigh Lift

Arm Lift

Liposuction is almost always carried out prior to the arm lift, in order to eliminate the fatty tissue. During an arm lift, the incisions are invariably made along the inner arm up to the armpit. The skin is separated from the underlying fat and muscle, excess skin is then gently removed.


Thigh Lift

Sometimes the inner thighs require more than just liposuction. Fat accumulation is usually accompanied by sagging of the skin, which after liposuction fails to fully contract. Drastic weight-loss can also leave the inner thighs with rather saggy and loose skin, this is when an inner thigh lift is required. There are also cases where women with slim thighs without cellulite have sagging in their inner thighs. Here, it serves no purpose to perform liposuction, because it is just a matter of slackening of the skin, only a lift will solve the problem.

The surgeon removes excess skin from the inner thighs. The scars are hidden along the natural crease of the groin up to the perineum.

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