Full Length Little Women Download Free

Full Length Little Women Download Free

  1. 2h 15Minutes
  2. 2019
  3. 8 / 10 stars
  4. Countries USA
  5. stars Saoirse Ronan

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It brought Alcott’s novel to life once again especially when Jo’s storyline (especially the ending) kind of blends in with Louisa May Alcott.
Greta’s visual style improved (since Ladybird) and the screenplay is heartwarming, heartbreaking and funny.
Really love the score and costumes.
The non linear structure was way better than I thought. You have to pay proper attention between past and present. You just can tell through the use of colour but mainly the hairstyles.
Of course the acting was amazing. What did you expect from a cast like this! Saoirse was a powerful lead as usual, including Pugh and Chalamet as well as supporting roles. Best ensemble of 2019.

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Love, family, closeness and sacrifice. Looking in each other’s eyes. Conversations unflowering time. Anger spoken and unspoken. Feel what you live watching this film. Feel also what you have lost. We have lost. Santa Barbara premiere. A theatre where older souls frequent. As the credits began to roll after the film, elderly people were gone and lit up the aisles with their cell phones. Listen to the Cat Stevens song, Dying to Live.” Merry Christmas to all in gratitude for the true closeness and love which is present in our lives. and the rest checking their (imprisonment) cell phones. God Save the Queen.
I miss you Claire Foy.

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