Hair Transplant

Due to modern operation techniques, hair transplantation has become a successful treatment method for both men and women. Hair transplantation can be performed in every age group. There are some certain factors needs to be taken into consideration for example hair density, scalp elasticity, hair loss type, hair colour, curly or straight. The right technique for you will be decided by your doctor in a consultation. If you are a good candidate for a hair transplantation it is our responsibility to give you the most natural look. There will be no difference between your own hair and the transplanted hair. The hair transplanted will be healthy and natural.


A follicar molecule is a naturally occurring grouping of one, two, or three (and sometimes, four) hair follicles found in the skin. It is distinguishable only under a three-dimensional microscope.


We use the FUE technique, hair follicles are obtained one by one using special equipment. In principle, this technique is based on obtaining the hair follicles one by one which allows the extraction of body hairs to be transplanted to the scalp. The advantage of this technique is that it does not leave any scars where the hairs are extracted from. The disadvantage is that it requires much more time than FUT technique to obtain the same number of grafts.


Normally, there are 70-100 follicular units per square centimeters (FU/cm²) in scalp. According to the results of scientific studies, hair loss becomes noticeable when hair density decreases by 50%. This may also be termed as “felt density”,which is different from mathematical density.


“Optic density” is not only dependent upon the growth rate or the curls but the structure of the hair together with the surgeon’s ability to carefully plan follicular unit distribution beforehand.


That is why while some patients need less than 30 follicular units per centimeter for a more natural and denser result, some others need more than 65 follicular units per cm for a natural apperance.


For a natural look, how the channels where follicular units are placed are opened and the instruments used in this procedure are of crucial significance.


Thanks to the method we use, we can obtain hair follicles from many body parts. When this method is combined with the standard transplantation techniques, there is an important increase in the number of potential donor regions in the body. The possibility of extracting hair follicles from other body parts increases the number of follicles that can be used in the operation.

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